'X' is an independent feature film written and directed by Mark Duggan. Shot across locations in the UK; the narrative deals with the universal themes of love, longing, isolation, loneliness, heartbreak, regret and rebirth.


Synopsis: The people you let in have the power to change your life and outlook forever... After a long-term relationship breaks down, a man reflects on the monumental impact the 'ex' has had on his life. Will this once sentimental soul ever be the same again?

Cast includes Terence J Corbett, Jennifer Hayden, Andrea Pizza and Johnny Byrom. See CAST for further details.

'X' is the debut feature film of writer and director, Mark Duggan, who has previously made a number of short films, factual productions and music videos. His work is available to view at markdugganfilms.com.


"It's personal but they need to know..."

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